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Looking for a better glass packaging supplier? Das Packing can turn your initial concept into an attractive product on shelf. Including design, surface deep processing, carton customization.

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Wholesale Glass Bottles, Glass Jars, Glass Containers In China.

Das Packing is a leading manufacturer and supplier of glass bottles and jars in China. Das Packing focuses on providing high quality glass bottles and glass Jars packaging for personal care, food and beverage industry. Das produces and customizes glass bottle containers and packaing with various shapes and sizes. we have more than 3000 kinds of customized glass bottles, glass jars and standard bottles, which can turn your creative concept into a real products, realizing personalization and branding. The glass is 100% recyclable. Xuzhou Das Packing Solutions Co., Ltd. provides environmental value-added through recyclable and sustainable glass packaging.
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Realize Your One-Stop Customized Glass Packaging Needs

Our technical and industrial teams provide a pool of expertise to support you in defining your glass packaging project and ensuring perfect compatibility between our packaging and your products and craft, which guarantees our shared success.
  • Confirm Information

    Kindly tell us your requirements of glass bottle or glass jar. Such as:

    Do you need regular or custom glass bottles and glass jars? Custom bottles or jars need to make new mould.
    Quantity, Color, Size, Weight, etc.
    Whether frosting, silk screen printing, decal, label and other deep processing is needed?
    Whether customized carton packaging and matched accessories are needed? And more details...
  • Quotation

    After confirming your request, we will provide an offer.

    For customized bottle, we will provide the design drawings and the quotation will be provided including mould cost.
  • Confirming the sample

    We will send the sample to you for confirmation.

  • Cooperation

    After confirming the sample, you need to pay the deposit, then we will arrange mass production.
    During and after the production of glass bottles or glass jars, strict quality inspection will be carried out to ensure the quality.
    Paying the full balance before delivery.
  • After-sale services.

    After you get the cargo, we will still provide a perfect after-sales services system for your project.

Who Are Our Customers?

All-Around Glass Bottles and Jars Containers Solution for Various Industries.

Das Packing as a glass jars and bottles packaging supplier in china, which can provide customers with professional glass containers solutions. Our customers are diversified from large and medium-sized enterprises to young start-ups. They (including manufacturers of personal care, food and beverage, as well as brand owners, sellers from Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, regional wholesalers, distributors, and retailers) all regard us as reliable long-term partners..
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Brew House

DAS has put together a collection of bottles and jars to meet the packaging needs of both family brewing companies and large distilleries. We have cold brew coffee and craft beer growlers for sale as well as amber and clear glass rounds that we like to use for brewed coffee and tea.

glass bottles factory

Grapevine Winery

Wine bottles have a variety of sizes and colors, such as classic green and amber, which help prevent ultraviolet radiation and maintain the flavor and aroma of wine. To store large quantities of wine, choose from containers such as stainless steel drums. bottles can be fitted with corks or caps with mule grain, hand-held and semi-automatic machines can make corks and caps cap faster.

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Filling plants

The unique performance of our glass beer bottles ensures that 100 % enjoy the beer .Glass bottles best maintain the carbon dioxide content in the beer for long periods , ensuring the taste and quality remain the same .DAS beer bottles have standard glass bottles or custom models for you to bring a unique look to your beer .

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Wine, Beer, Spirits, Champagne, Speciality, Jugs, Closures and Corks
  • LIQUOR - Let the nordic style bottle help your liquor do the talking with our stylish bottle choices.

  • WINE - Let the bottle help your wine do the talking with our stylish bottle choices.

  • WINE - Let the bottle help your wine do the talking with our stylish bottle choices.

  • Boston Rounds - Let the bottle help your product do the talking with our stylish bottle choices.

  • Jars - Let the straight sided jar help your product do the talking with our stylish jar choices.

  • Accessories - Let the accessories help your bottle and jar do the talking with our stylish accessories choices.

  • Borosilicate - Let the hight borosilicate jar help your product do the talking with our stylish width mouth storage jar choices.

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