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Glass Perfume Bottles

Glass Perfume Bottles

Custom Glass Perfume Bottles Manufacturer
Das Packing specializes in customizing and producing glass perfume bottle packaging. As one of the leading suppliers of glass perfume bottles in China, we can provide perfume bottles, perfume caps, perfume sprayers, perfume boxes, and customized perfume bottles. Our perfume bottle is the first choice in the high-end fragrance industry. Das Packing wholesale perfume bottles are suitable for perfume, cologne and more. We provide glass perfume bottles in different sizes, colors and shapes.

Das Packing specializes in finding the right perfume bottles for your brand. Contact us today for free quotation!
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Customized All-round Glass Perfume Bottle Packaging Solution
We have professional perfume packaging knowledge and are ready to serve you.
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Wholesale Perfume Packaging from Das Packing

*Perfume Packaging Wholesaler
We provide high-quality products and competitive prices to meet your customer needs.
*Perfume brand owner
We can turn your concept into a real product. We provide perfect perfume packaging solutions to realize the brand personalization and strategy.
We provide visualized delivery time and strict quality inspection service to increase your sales.
*E-commerce Platform Seller
We provide one-stop packaging service solutions, including: perfume bottles, accessories, boxes. To meet the needs of sellers in different collocation sales methods.

Supply Glass Perfume Bottles Packaging

Das as an experienced supplier of perfume bottles, we understands the needs of customers and the latest trends in the industry. We provide different styles of glass perfume bottles, bottle caps and perfume packaging boxes to display your products. We ensure that your fragrance packaging stands out from the competition.

round perfume bottle

Custom Glass Perfume Bottle Series
Elegant, Fashionable, Luxurious
cylinder perfume bottle
Cylinder Perfume Bottle
oval glass perfume bottle
Oval Perfume Bottle
30ml perfume bottle
30ml Perfume Bottle
round 30ml 50ml perfume bottle
Round Perfume Bottle
50ml perfume bottle
Pineapple Perfume Bottle
square cologne perfume bottle
Blue Cologne Bottle
perfume bottle with box
Perfume Bottle Box
cylinder glass perfume bottle
Gradient Color Perfume Bottle
Refillable Travel Perfume Bottle Series
Small Perfume Bottle, Perfume Sample BottlesMini Perfume bottles
car perfume bottle
Car Perfume Bottles
refillable travel perfume bottle
Portable Perfume Refillable Bottle
Travel Perfume Spray Bottle
Small Travel Perfume Bottle
small perfume vials
Perfume Vials
Custom Glass Perfume Bottle Packaging | DAS Packing
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# Why use glass as perfume packaging?
Glass has always been the ideal material for perfume bottles. The advantages of using glass as perfume packaging are as follows:
*Glass is a natural and durable material that does not change over time.
*Glass perfume bottles help fragrance smell last longer.
*The appearance of transparent glass bottle can show the color, texture and beauty of perfume.
*Perfume contains alcohol. Glass perfume bottles can hold it better and prevent it from being polluted.
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