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Design Customization
Our R&D and design team has a wealth of professional knowledge, fully understands your needs and expectations, and provides you with support and suggestions, so that glass container packaging can be personalized and branded from the initial concept to the finished product. Dash Packaging provides a complete set of customized glass bottle and glass jar mold services to match the bottle shape you need.For More Custom Designs, Please Contact Us
Bottle Manufacturing
Dash Packaging is a professional glass bottle manufacturer from China. We have more than 25 years of professional experience. We have a large number of molds, and we can flexibly produce in batches so that we can quickly and easily complete the production stage and quickly respond to market needs.For More Bottle Manufacturing, Please Contact Us
Quality Control
Dash Packaging establishes a competitive advantage through quality management. We have a dedicated quality control department to ensure product quality and delivery timeliness. Including in melting, forming, inspection and packaging process.For More Quality Control, Please Contact Us
Decoration And Labeling
Decoration can attract consumers to make glass containers stand out on the shelves. Dash Packaging provides customized decoration solutions for start-ups to large and medium-sized enterprises. We provide a variety of decoration procedures to improve the appearance of your products. For example: Decals and Transfers, Frosting, Hot Stamping, ,Screen Printing, Spray Painting, Electroplating, Etching, Crackled Finish, etc.For More Decoration and Labeling, Please Contact Us
Accessories Supply
We provide all kinds of cap accessories on bottles and jars you need. We have a strong supply chain to ensure one-stop service solutions. If you need special accessories, please contact our team for details and suggestions.For More Accessories Supply, Please Contact Us
Warehousing and Transportation
Dash Packaging has a strategic warehouse with millions of square feet available space in China. We can work with you on developing warehousing plans. Diversity of transportation methods: a variety of transportation methods. Glass containers are still very fragile during transportation, so high standards of protection are used in the packaging. Transportation will be by air, sea and other transportation methods.For More Warehousing and Transportation, Please Contact Us
After-sales Service
We provide you with services throughout the entire project life cycle, which makes us your reliable and stable partner. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us.For More After-sales Service, Please Contact Us
The environment, health, and the sustainability of raw materials are important factors when customers and consumers make purchasing decisions. Glass is a natural, healthy and high-quality packaging material, which is recyclable and sustainable. Fillable and reusable glass bottles and jars can save resources. Dash Packaging provides economical and environmentally friendly added value through sustainable glass packagingFor More Sustainability, Please Contact Us
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